Membership in our society is very relevant to the generalist in private practice, as well as to faculty members in academic department. We however, stress the “town” component of “town and gown.” We would love to see our membership grow this year with our colleagues from all the community hospitals in the Tri-State area.

Many members have found the meetings to be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old friends and colleagues, as well as to make brand new connections, and development of collegiality, friendship, camaraderie, and education. Many of our members can say without any hesitation that they are better practitioners because of the association with the Society and attendance at the meetings. We have the opportunity to hear nationally (and internationally) renowned speakers, and have kept up with some of the newest thinking and cutting-edge ideas in OB/GYN.

Our presidents put together programs that have an appeal to generalists as well as subspecialists that are interesting and thought provoking.

We ask you to join the OB Society and encourage all of your group or department members to join (or rejoin if their membership has lapsed – we have made the rejoining process very easy). If you would like more info, please call or e-mail us. Applying for membership is simple and can be done right on the website. We are sure, we will make it worth your time.

We hope to see you at our meetings

Membership Applications

Interested in joining? Visit the membership application page.