Cervical Length Screening in Obstetrics

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Guideline for Cervical Length Screening for Prevention of Preterm Birth

Purpose: To establish guidelines for screening for cervical length (CL) to prevent preterm birth (PTB) in singleton gestations without PTB

Patient Eligibility for Screening

  • Singleton, viable pregnancy
  • Gestational age 18 0/7 – 23 6/7 weeks
  • Non-Eligible: multiple gestation, presence of cerclage in current pregnancy, prior PTB

Cervical length (CL) will be evaluated once in pregnancies meeting criteria above. The preferred screening method is transvaginal ultrasound (TVU) CL.

Technical Aspects of TVU Screening

  • Post-void transvaginal ultrasound to anterior fornix
  • Sagittal view of cervix with echogenic endocervix along length of canal
  • Withdraw probe until blurred, then reinsert making sure to avoid excessive pressure
  • Enlarge image to occupy 2/3 of screen
  • Obtain three measurements to use the best, shortest image
  • Measure from internal to external os along entire endocervical canal
  • Transfundal pressure for 15 seconds, then 3 more measurements
  • Report only shortest best CL

Definition of Short Cervix, and Treatment

  • Patients such as those above with CL ≤ 20mm are identified to have clinically significant cervical length shortening warranting consideration for available therapy.
  • Currently, vaginal progesterone daily is suggested for singleton gestations identified before 24weeks to have a short TVU CL ≤ 20mm
  • Patients with CL ≥ 25mm are identified to have a normal cervical length

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Cervical Length Screening Diagram 1

PTB, preterm birth; TVU, transvaginal ultrasound; CL, cervical length; ^250 mg IM every week from 16-20 weeks to 36 weeks; *e.g. daily 200 mg suppository or 90mg gel from time of diagnosis of short CL to 36 weeks


Cervical Length Screening Flow Diagram

 Cervical Length Screening Flow Diagram

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